Congratulations to Our New 2021 Scholarship Recipients!

Brooke B

Brooke B

Brooke is from Atlanta, GA and has overcome a difficult upbringing to excel throughout high school and carries that momentum into her college experience.  Brooke’s father died and her mother abandoned her, leaving her to navigate the foster system during her adolescence.  Her older sister is now her legal guardian, and Brooke navigated this troubled road with an incredible attitude and can talk about her situation openly because she realizes it is her story and she could help others. Brooke wrote that her situation “has taught me how to heal from things we don’t always get to make amends with.”  We loved that the person she admires most is her future self. We are so proud to be in Brooke’s corner as she heads to Spelman College in Atlanta this fall to study Psychology.

Ashlyn T

Ashlyn T

Ashlyn is from Birmingham, Alabama and grew up in a single-parent home.  When Ashlyn was five, her mother was diagnosed with a tumor in her pituitary gland that would lead to a string of illnesses and hospitalizations over the coming decade.  Ashlyn had to step up often to care for her mom, and through these times developed perseverance those shows through almost immediately when you meet her.  She graduated with 4.31 GPA in high school while participating in volleyball, JROTC Color Guard, and Future Engineers of America.  We are lucky to support her as she heads to North Carolina A&T in Greensboro, North Carolina this fall to major in Civil or Environmental Engineering.

Darrian B

Darrian B

Darrian is from Hampton, Virginia and is passionate about using his interest in technology to build a successful career so that he can give back to his community through scholarships or mentoring.  He has already built a website to help low-income student navigate the complexity of the college application process.   During Darrian’s sophomore year of high school his family’s rental home burned to the ground. As a low-income family to start, this made their financial circumstances even worse.  As Darrian wrote, he “gained a stronger bond with my family and the knowledge that I am more than what I own.” Darrian graduated from Bethel High School in Hampton (our second winner from Bethel) with a 4.40 GPA and will head to North Carolina A&T this fall to major in Information Technology.  We are incredibly proud to have him as part of the Trajectory family.

Shyteonnah (Shy)


Shyteonnah (Shy) grew up in Los Angeles, California and moved to Las Vegas.  She is graduating this month from Edward W Clark High School with a 4.35 GPA.  Shy will be the first in her family to attend college and thereby setting an important example for her younger siblings.  Science has always come naturally to Shy and that has shaped her desire to major in Biology with the goal of becoming a Pediatrician.  She has attended primarily white schools and that experienced has shaped her.  She has endured overt racism from students and teachers alike and although her confidence suffered, Shy said she had to “reprogram” herself.  She moved “to the front of the class and became unbothered by the possibility of giving wrong answers and judgement” and only concerned herself with the importance of education.  We admire Shy’s quiet strength and can’t wait to see what she will accomplish as she traverses the country to attend North Carolina A&T.

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