2021 – Darrian B

Darrian B

Darrian is from Hampton, Virginia and is passionate about using his interest in technology to build a successful career so that he can give back to his community through scholarships or mentoring.  He has already built a website to help low-income student navigate the complexity of the college application process.   During Darrian’s sophomore year of high school his family’s rental home burned to the ground. As a low-income family to start, this made their financial circumstances even worse.  As Darrian wrote, he “gained a stronger bond with my family and the knowledge that I am more than what I own.” Darrian graduated from Bethel High School in Hampton (our second winner from Bethel) with a 4.40 GPA and will head to North Carolina A&T this fall to major in Information Technology.  We are incredibly proud to have him as part of the Trajectory family.