2022 – Shelby B

2022 Trajectory Scholarship Winner - Shelby B

Shelby is from Sacramento, California where she will graduate from Grant Union High School and attend Howard University.  She is passionate about pursuing a Biology degree as a path to ultimately becoming a Physician.  Shelby is our second student to be funded from our partnership with the United College Action Network (U-CAN) that is based in Sacramento.  She exudes a quiet confidence and is an incredibly hard-working person who will be the first in her family to go to college.   We loved that Shelby has had a diverse range of interests and passions that formed her through the years including gymnastics, cheerleading, fashion (including designing and making her own clothes) and art. Shelby’s mom, as it is with many of the students we hear from, is the person she admires for “her boldness, determination, and loving character.” We are grateful to have found someone of Shelby’s character and work ethic and look forward to supporting her HBCU education.