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Davi’Ana Kirkland is a senior at Clark Atlanta University and has been a Trajectory Scholarship student for the past two academic years.  When she offered up the opportunity to talk to our current and potential donors about the impact of choosing an HBCU and the importance of the Trajectory scholarship, we jumped at the opportunity.  Davi’Ana outlines her journey to get to college, the impact of our scholarship funding, and her plans for the future.  In the discussion, Davi’Ana mentions an article written about her that helped her get some initial funding for college.  You can access that article via the Reno Gazette Journal.

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Letter From Scholarship Recipient

Good Afternoon Rich,

I hope you and everyone at the Trajectory Foundation had an amazing holiday season full of relaxation and love. I want to thank you immensely for believing in me and selecting me as a Trajectory Foundation Scholar.

As a student from Hampton, Virginia, moving to Greensboro, North Carolina, for college has been a huge transition. I was excited to live in a new environment, but I was also admittedly scared. I didn’t know too many of my peers, and I was initially overwhelmed with the number of academic and social opportunities available. Throughout my first few weeks on campus, I often caught myself thinking “Wow, I am really in college!” The feeling of walking around my HBCU and seeing so many Black students who all have a common goal of graduating and creating a better future for our communities has been surreal.

As the semester continued, I began settling in and becoming more comfortable with my academics and campus involvement. In hindsight, one of my best decisions was creating a study schedule that involved going to the library twice a week. This played a large role in helping me finish the semester on the Chancellor’s list, which is an accomplishment that I am extremely proud of. I also joined two organizations named Men on The Move and Virginia Aggies that helped me connect with some amazing people. With Men on The Move, I participated in fulfilling community service events that involved planting trees, maintaining our campus community garden, and stocking school supplies at our local teacher warehouse.

Being selected for the Trajectory Foundation scholarship has truly been a blessing. It has removed a large financial burden off of family, which has allowed me to focus on my education and transition to college. Although I am growing increasingly comfortable, I still have a lot more to learn and experience. I look forward to having an even better Spring semester. Thank you so much for investing in my future and making my dream of higher education possible. I will forever be grateful.

With Gratitude,

– Darrian B.

Darrian B

Impact of Trajectory Foundation

16 students have received financial support from Trajectory.

$130,000 in tuition has been paid through Trajectory scholarships.

Our first two scholarship recipients will graduate in 2022.

Minimum of 4 new scholarships awarded each spring.

$210,000 committed to future scholarships.

Wiped $3,500 of student fees off students’ accounts to keep them in school.

Removal of large financial burdens and reducing long term student debt through scholarships.