How to Reach Hillman

How to Reach Hillman is the original online HBCU course designed to expose students, parents, and educators to the HBCU educational and cultural experience. How to Reach Hillman is a dynamic, comprehensive collective of courses that are built on an Africana Studies framework. How to Reach Hillman is an equitable solution that creates access to the nation’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities; it is designed to empower its students to create an HBCU engagement plan and course of action towards enrollment upon graduating from high school.

We believe three things (and we hope that our students learn to believe these things as well). These are our maxims:

1. Believe in your limitless power. We plan to succeed and succeed by planning;

2. Create your legacy. All of this is bigger than me and you; and

3. Bet on what you build! Nothing works but the work you put behind your desires.

To learn more about How to Reach Hillman, please download this information How to Reach Hillman PDF.

What is How to Reach Hillman
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