October ’23 Newsletter

Oct ’23 – Meet Our Students!

Thought you might enjoy a newsletter focusing a couple of the students we support after my visit to Atlanta area HBCUs.

Davi’Ana Kirkland – I spent 90 minutes talking with Davi’Ana on the Clark Atlanta University campus where she is a graduate student pursuing a master’s in psychology.  She is truly one of those people who you never could forget after one conversation.  Her positivity and energy are balanced by thoughtfulness and introspection.  She works full time in Atlanta as an office manager which allows her to fund part of her education and Trajectory is providing $5,000 of support to her advanced degree given we funded only 3 semesters of her undergraduate degree.  Davi’Ana wants to be a therapist and if you spent five minutes with her you would conclude that she is going to help so many people.  She is an engaged listener, asks important questions, and her smile allows people to know they are with a truly good, caring person.  Her life experiences, which you can read about here, will help her relate to patients in a unique way. She hopes to travel extensively and even practice therapy from remote, international locations.


Brooke B – Brooke is a junior at Spelman College in Atlanta, majoring in Psychology with a minor in Political Science.  She is locked in on pursuing a career within law enforcement and has leads on internships with the Fulton County Department of Corrections as well as the FBI.   Brooke is as genuine as they come, with a bright smile that belies a determined student ready to make an impact on the world.    She is also quick witted and poked fun at me on multiple occasions, which I love.  Her confidence and positive attitude toward life are even more amazing when you realize that her father died and her mother abandoned her, leaving her to navigate the foster care system in her adolescence.  She is so thankful for the Trajectory Foundation scholarship and is even playing a mentor role with a freshman student we support at Spelman.


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