Our Story

Our Story

``We often let things feel so big that we allow our inability to do everything undermine our determination to do something.``

That quote, from Senator Cory Booker on the Tim Ferriss Show podcast, turned inaction into action for Rich Krigger, President and Founder of Trajectory Foundation.

Trajectory Foundation was founded in 2017 and is a federally recognized 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation. The mission of Trajectory Foundation is to accelerate the trajectory of black students’ lives through scholarships to attend Historically Black Colleges and Universities. We have awarded 16 scholarships in the last four years and saw our first graduates in the spring of 2022.  We plan to add at least four new scholarship winners each spring.

The decision to award scholarships to students for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) was grounded in the critically acclaimed book by Ta-Nehisi Coates Between the World and Me. Mr. Coates decision to attend Howard and his experience there were seminal moments in his life. The same is true for Trajectory Foundation Board Member Calvin Simmons’ time at Howard University. These institutions are critical to Black history and culture, and Trajectory was founded to support students that wanted to study at those universities.

Join us in helping accelerate the trajectory of Black students in financial need by donating to student success today. If you are a member of a HBCU or a high school administrator and would like to partner with us please contact us.

For more behind the founding of Trajectory Foundation, see our founders’ blog.