The Original Message from the Founder – November 2017

I have been a bystander on social issues.  I have had very few conversations about racism and injustice.  I guess having a family and living with white privilege makes it far too easy to not pay attention.  That silence, that inaction, ends now.

Over the past few years I set out to become more educated and engaged in social issues. From that learning comes a very simple truth.  Education is critical to change the social inequalities that black children face from the time they are born.  But the cost of acquiring a college education is skyrocketing, which further inhibits progress.  It was this realization that helped me find a cause to dedicate my time and resources.

Therefore, I have created Trajectory Foundation, which will provide educational grants to black high school students who attend Historically Black Colleges and Universities.  I understand these small grants won’t change the course of social injustice. But by providing these funds, Trajectory aims to create momentum and change the trajectory of black students’ lives to develop well educated future leaders who have a different set of experiences and backgrounds. It is my sincere belief that those students will make a difference in our country and our world.

Trajectory Foundation aims to provide these education grants for decades to come.  We will need the help of many people to do that. We are excited about the opportunity that lies ahead for Trajectory to make a difference in black students’ lives and we invite you to be a part of the journey.